Barcelona Lights



Barcelona Lights is a micro-short film in which a couple meets again in a Christmas in Barcelona. A story full of lights, ferris wheels, photographs and love. 

Director Biography 

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Laura González was born in Barcelona, ​​in 1999.


She is currently pursuing his senior year in the higher degree of Photography Management. In this, he has acquired knowledge of direction, photography direction, photography, actor direction, script, editing and grading among others.

She is also part of the Baix Films production company occupying the position of Director of Photography. With this producer he has made a video clip of the single Helen for the emerging group Mad Cartridge, and several short films such as "La fille sur le pont" and "Merder".

Laura has written three short films that have been made, the three also directed by her. The first short film was in 2017, called "Requiem" about death from a dystopian view. The second short film he made was in 2019, called “LIMITLESS” being a silent short film, about the hardness of what can happen when you move away from the person you love.


And the last and most recent short film was in 2019 called “The ring of my queen”, a black cinema that shows the vindication of the strength of women. He has also edited a scene called "Boykea." She has experience in recording programs on MONSTROPO TV as a camera operator and also at the Fracòfon Festival "OH LA LÀ" Finally, Laura's next project is a choral film with her colleagues in the degree of cinematographic direction that the script is currently being created and will soon be realized. At the same time, Laura keeps nourishing herself and practicing still photography, either in analog or digital.