Sarah is travelling to her home after a long day at work. When is on the train start to notice that a strange man on another wagong is harassing her. After few stations she decided to exit the underground. When she thought that she was save the strange men touches her shoulder. After that he gives to her the book she was reading on the station.

Director Biography - Vilo Torralvo


Vilo Torralvo was born in Barcelona.

Studied Audiovisual Filmmaking in the school Sant Ignasi de Jesuïtes Sarrià. In his studies, one of the most highlighting projects was “The Reaper” as co-director and video editor.
Is part of the producer Baix Films, where he realized a few short films, social media content and a film festival, called Baix Films Festival.

After finish his studies emigrated to London for make a career as an writer and director. Place that already have his first short film, Harassed.

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